Website that helps girls to have relationship advice.


Nowadays most of the people need advice regarding different things. People are always worried regarding their situation. They complain to themselves for the entire problem happening to them. They cannot connect as well as ask for the suggestion with other people freely. If we talk about such problems and their advice than it difficult for both male and female to ask advice but if compared than women or girls are having more problem regarding asking for advice.

The relationship is a very complex thing to understand by anyone. In most of the cases, it is shown that girls have been so much depressed with this problem. They cannot freely ask advice with their elders as well as other family members regarding the relationship. They are very confused and get so much tensed with the problem relating to the relationship. Girls are always facing the problem either to be single or to be in a relationship. They cannot freely communicate this type of thing with others.

Sometimes you may have relationship questions that will be difficult for you to ask your mom, your best friend, your coworker, or some random person on the street. You feel shy and will be seeking an expert as well as the more experienced person in the field, or even someone whom you know and won’t laugh at you. So for this, there are some of the websites which help to get the knowledge regarding the things very easily. Different experts and research and relationship masters provide their suggestion and idea regarding such problem. Such types of websites are:

  1. Reddit Relationship Advice: This is a very useful website for anyone. It easily provides the information which you are seeking for. This is a site where the readers or Redditors are the advice giver. It means that there is not an expert to give you advice. It provides thoughtful and lengthy feedback. The feedback is given by people who are similar to you i.e. having the same problem as you.
  2. Carolyn Hax in the Washington PostCarolyn Hax is an expert personality, who provides information that you are looking for very easily. She is an intelligent and insightful advice giver as well as humorous and helpful about all sorts of interpersonal issues which you are seeking for. She can provide answers very easily relatively brief and to the point, you are wanting to know.
  3. Dear Prudence on SlateThis is one of the useful sites which helps you to get your desired answer regarding relationship problem. Here Emily Yoffe writes about the suggestion as well as gives advice to the seekers. Emily Yoffe writes as “Prudence” and tackles all sorts of question-related to a relationship and some other questions too. She gives the chance to her audience or the viewer to interact with her ask the question which is in their mind.
  4. Savage LoveThere are different site and among all this is also one of the well-known. You can easily and frankly ask you desired relationship quotes here. Dan Savage is the main person who gives you advice here. He is an advice-giving icon. He gives excellent advice on sex and relationship.
  5. Ask AmyAmy Dickinson provides advice and the main person of this site. She is very wonderful and professional at her work. She properly answers your question. Amy Dickinson is a nationally known adviser who answers questions on family and relationships. You can also find her in many major newspapers and or contact her through her own site.


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