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Tips for bride with short hair

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July 31, 2017

Going to marry doesn’t mean you have to grow your hair. On the big day, brides want to look gorgeous, stylish and beautiful. If you have short hair, don’t panic about your big day, we can understand wedding hairstyles are the most important thing for the brides. We have lots of ideas for short hair that will be perfect for your wedding.

Generally, the modern wedding short hairstyle is a little simple; the less styling you use, the more fashionable you will look, and it gives you natural looks. Mostly Short hair welcomes the accessories like (tiaras, wedding headbands, combs, bobby pins, hair clips, etc.) They can match the exact colour of your wedding gown/dress.

We have an idea of ideas for short hair brides that will be perfect for your wedding:

  • Light Curls:  This style makes you look simple with a few loose hair curls around your face. This look makes you classy and chic.
  • Floral Headband: a classy flower-adorned headband and a couple of loose curls are all you need to make those stylish curls even more romantic.
  • Greenery: Add a little bit of greenery to make your look more natural. With some bobby pins and French braid, give the face of a stylish hairstyle.
  • Lace Band: Cover your short strands with a thick lace headband to add an elegant, vintage feel to your bridal look. This style is incredibly stunning on girls rocking the chin-length bob.
  • Side Part: This might be the simplest way to make wedding-worthy drama with a short ‘do. Accent your side part with a chunky barrette to amps up the wow factor even more.
  • Flower Crown: this style is mainly preferred, it is too cute, and it looks better in short hair
  • Big Curls: If your big day calls for big curls, here’s how to wear: Swept up (up, up) and away.
  • Vintage-Inspired: Backcomb your hair and make a perfect pinup curl in the front with a careful twist and a few bobby pins. Everybody loves the bride with perfect pink lipsticks.
  • Braided Bob: Soften up that blunt bob with a simple braid that change into a complete gorgeous with a rhinestone clip

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