Most wanted fashion brands that make you more beautiful.


Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates may actually buy the most creator goods, but when money is no object, we’ve all got costly tastes. One research group asked 25,000 consumers to dis-remember about price stub and name the luxury brands they covet most. Forbes runs down the top 10:

Ralph Lauren is the one of the most wanted luxury brand in the world according to the recent survey.

The modern understanding of a brand is consumer and identity oriented. Accordingly, brands are regarded as images in the minds of customer and other target groups which are plan by companies to identify their products. Luxury brands are highly corresponding with their core products. This is reflected by the larger part of the existing definitions of luxury brands, which refer to set associations about product characteristics. The constitutive characteristics of luxury products therefore correspond primarily with those of luxury brands, which lead to the following definition:

Any potential luxury brand should be asses by the constitutive characteristics of luxury, which are described in detail in one of the following chapters. These clarifications are summarized by the following principles:

Price: The brand offers products which belong to the most costly products of their category.

Quality: The brand offers everlasting top-of-the-line products, which won’t be discard of even after long utilization or defect, but rather repaired and which frequently even profit in value over time.

Aesthetics: The brand behaves like a chic and vain dandy, who would never leave the house in less than flawless style. Whenever and wherever the brand is seen, it embodies a world of beauty and elegance.

Rarity: In contrast to crowd-market brands, the brand needs to limit its production and tries not to cover its (high) sales numbers. The brand plays hard to get and is not available at all times or places.

Extraordinariness: The brand has a brain and style of its own and its products offer a “kick” and surprise with the “expected unexpected.”

 Symbolism: The brands exist for “the best from the best for the best”; its charisma fills the room, and regardless of whether it is of a noticeable or understated nature, deep inside, it is swollen with pleasure.


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