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Few simple steps to make silver eyes shadow quickly

Nowadays, using eyes shadow for daily purposes, such as when you are going to your work, hanging out with your friends, going for lunch or dinner with your date, etc., is a must. Without makeup, you would look very dull, and people out there would think you don’t know anything about fashion or style. Putting on makeup daily doesn’t mean that you have to apply heavy makeup on your face to look different and attractive from others.

You can apply simple makeup and look fabulous when you are going out. If you need to apply makeup daily, I suggest that you use some light-coloured eyes shadow, lipstick, or even gloss and a light-coloured foundation that suits your skin colour.

Today I’m going to tell you how to apply some light-coloured eyes shadow for your daily look. It’s straightforward to use, and most importantly, it will take just five minutes of yours to apply such makeup. Today we will see how silver eye shadow can be applied in a few simple steps with a touch of blue eyes shadow to give you a perfect look whenever you want to. Let’s learn the following steps for your daily eye makeup.

Top Silver Eyes Shadow Looks

Silver and Smoky

One of the best ways for complementing your eyes and expand the beauty of your face can be done by using silver and smoky eyes shadow. For this, you will need a good eye moisturizer or foundation before you begin. Use a shimmering and glitzy shade of silver on your upper eye and glam it up with false eyelashes. Lastly, use a liner to border your eyes.

Silver Glitter Makeup

The Silver Glitter Makeup is very easy to do and doesn’t need professional help. Use a simple shade of sliver and fine black eyeliner to give your eyes a sleek and attractive appearance. After that, use some kajal on the lower eyelid.

The Evening Silver

Get yourself the cool and chic evening silver eye makeup to jazz up your entire look with the evening silver. Use a silvery and glittery eye shadow on both your eyelids, which will give you a very dynamic and beautiful appearance. This eyes shadow design is ideal if you are wearing a silver dress.

Red and Silver

The Red and Silvereye makeup is a beauty of every type. Red and silver can be a great combination of glitter eye shadow and adds a different spark to your face. Apply both colours on each half of the eye and then add some smooth eyeliner strokes as a finishing touch.

Plum Silver Eye

This eye makeup will define your eyelids and will surely give them a very feminine and smooth touch. You can also use pretty false eyelashes to glam up the look and plum or pinkish eye shadow to accentuate the beauty of the eyes. You will surely love your look after this.

Black And Silver Eye

You will need both black and shiny silver to get the black and silver eye look. Before applying, just make sure the black eye shadow is heavier than the silver. Create long and pretty strokes with your eyeliner, and it will enhance and exaggerate the beauty of your whole face.

How to use silver eye shadow to look fabulous?

  • First of all, apply some foundation over your eyes to let the eye makeup set correctly.
  • Use a fluffy eye shadow brush to apply the silver eye shadow of any brand you want to use. You can apply the silver colour soft or bold depending on what look you want that day. You can even damp the brush a little to get more mistiness. If you want to keep your eye shadow powdered, then apply it dry.
  • Then to give an additional pop of colour, you can apply a blue eye shadow or any other colour you want. With an angled soft brush, apply the blue eye shadow making a “V” shape at the end of the eye.
  • You can also apply the blue eye shadow on the lower part of your eye, which is the lower lashes line, to give a fun and youthful look to your eyes.
  • To create more depth for your eyes and create more definition applies black gel eyeliner on the upper part of your eyes. Follow the natural shape of your eyes and draw a perfect line with the eyeliner keeping it accurate and straightforward.
  • If you think that using the blue eye shadow made your eyes a bit bright, then you can use some light-coloured eye shadow to give a neutral shade to your eyes. It can be brown or another light colour.
  • To make your eyelashes look beautiful and add some volume to them, apply mascara.
  • Lastly, apply some lip colours of a neutral shade, like peach or light orange. It would perfectly go with your silver-blue eye makeup.

Source:Image by valuavitaly on Freepik

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