How to do metallic white nail polish.


Nail polish is a lacquer that can be applied to the human fingernails or toenails. It helps to decorate and protect the nails or nail plates. Nail polish (nail varnish) is mostly seen in the fingernails or toenails of female rather than a male. In Early’s nail polish was done either to save the nails or to decorate the nails. But today polishing nails with different color and with different styles has become a fashion and style showing things. Good nail varnish can give positive impact of the personality, showing knowledge regarding the fashion and latest beauty trends.

Nowadays the trends are about metallic nail polish. You can see it in the fingernails of different ladies and also biggest fashion divas. They all are using it. Metallic nail polish is the latest trend where nails are painted with some metallic paints which are not harmful.

Metallic nail polish has become the latest fashion of today’s time. One can watch or view it in the nails of almost every fashion loving divas and others too. Some of the ways of doing metallic nail polish are mentioned below:

  • Preparing your nails:

At first, the nails should be ready and you can move to the steps below:

  1. Clean and dry your finger: Wash your hands and nails properly with soap and water. Make sure that, you have properly removed your nail polish. After that, dry them thoroughly on a towel, and make your nail surface clean and dry.
  2. Apply a base coat if needed: Actually, base coat is not that important nor it affects the outcome. But, it helps to strengthen your nails, protect them from staining, and make the nail polish last longer.
  3. Choose for the magnetic nail polish color and design: Shop for your best color and design that you want to give a try.
  • Applying the Polish:

Now the main stuff starts on. Applying requires some of the procedures which are listed below:

  1. Brush on a normal first coat: Use the magnetic nail polish to apply the first coat to your nails. But remember, don’t use the magnet at this point. First coat simply helps to even out the color which helps you to magnetize on the second coat. Then let the first coat dry before applying further polish.
  2. Apply a thick second coat on one nail to begin: It is important to apply a thick coat that remains wet when you use the magnet because it will create a more dramatic effect on the pattern of the polish which will help to magnet look nice and beautiful and more effective.
  3. Hold the magnet over the nail: Hold the magnet provided in the cap of your polish over the nail that you just painted for 10-15 seconds, without touching it to the surface of the nail. This process should be done immediately on the nails before painting others. For this process both the finger of your painted nails and hand holding the magnet should be as still as possible. You will notice that the magnet creates a pattern in the polish color, due to the iron shavings in the polish moving in the presence of a magnetic field.
  4. Continuing the process on every nail: Yes, you heard it right. Now whatever you have done in the first one do it same for the others.

In this way, metallic nail polish can be done easily saving your parlour fees.


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