Could fish oil fatty acids raise a Woman’s Risk for Diabetes?


Diabetes is one of the major problems which is mostly affecting too many people all over the globe. It has been nowadays a serious problem. Both men and women equally are suffered from this disease. It is the state at which our body sugar level increases or decreases and respond to hormone insulin is impaired. Diabetes is caused when the amount of sugar is too high in our blood, the body cannot use it properly. Today worldwide it has affected more than 380 million people.  According to World Health Organization,  the estimated number of people living with diabetes will be more than double by 2030.

Today, diabetes has become more serious disease than the other. According to the latest report, it is taking more life’s comparing to AIDS and Breast Cancer. In America, at every 3 minutes, 1 life is claiming to be taken by this disease. It is one of the main cause of the disease like blindness, kidney failure, amputations, heart failure, stroke, etc. Diabetes has made the people life’s very hard i.e. they cannot enjoy their life to the fullest.

Diabetes directly affects any women by their food habit. Whatever you are eating is good or bad and after eating what things to be done so that it can be controlled must be carefully known to everyone. As all know that whenever you eat, your body turns food into sugars or glucose as all of you have studied in science and is also true. When food is turned into sugar the next step begins i.e. pancreas is supposed to release insulin. As we all know that glucose is also a useful element for our body. And for this Insulin serves as a key function. It opens your cells, to allow the glucose to enter the cells and allow the glucose for energy in your body.

Women who consume more amount of food which is rich in fatty acids such as meat, fish, eggs and other common foods results in increasing of diabetes. The main sources of the harmful fatty acids in our daily diet by the study shows are meat and seafood/fish. Fish and meat contain Omega-3 fatty acid, docosapentaenoic acid (DPA) which are the highest factors to cause type 2 diabetes in women. If we talk about taste than of coarsely women love to have fish and meat. It not problem to have them, what causes problem is amount or quantity consume in order to their benefit.

Different study has proved that fish intake may increase 2 types of diabetes. Here type 2 diabetes also known as Diabetes mellitus type 2 means a long term metabolic disorder which is characterized by high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and relative lack of insulin risk by increasing blood sugar levels. The Study clearly shows that blood sugars level increase due to increase in diabetics given by fish oil. One of the possible cause is that omega 3’s causes to appear oxidative stress. A recent Study highlighted that fish and diabetes are two different enemies. It is also found that the insulin producing cells in the pancreas do not function well in people who eat two or more servings of fish a week or can be said who eat more fish per week.

So, it can be easily be said that fatty acid rich food cause diabetes and women are suffering more from this disease. They prefer to eat more this type of food without knowing its negative effect to the health.


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