3 things boys likes in most of the girls?


We all know that opposite side attracts each other. Yes, boys always attract girls and girls always attract boys. There is no doubt regarding these things. Both attract and get fluctuated with each other. Both always try to impress each other. They follow several ways to impress to their like or loved ones. But regularly and in most of the condition, boys are more serious in impressing a girl. It does not mean that girls don’t do so. Of course, they too try to impress the boys. But there are different things that make boys more attracted to girls.

There are some lucky girls to whom guys always seem to be chasing after. They always follow and try to get closer to some of the girls. So, what is the secret weapon that can easily be used for seduction? These question always strike minds. But unfortunately, you will be sad to hear that there’s no such magic potion that will make you more desirable or valuable. And there’s also no any kind of outfit or workout method that will guarantee you to be most desirable. But there are some ways, process and tricks which will help you to make one of the most famous personality guys looking for. The things are:

Increase your attractiveness:

Do it following some of the points.

  • Show off your great personality: Identify your positive personality in you and try to do the things as a show. This makes guys feel positive and attracted towards you.
  • Take good care of yourself: Study shows that people are more attracted to those who take good care of themselves. So, make sure that you are taking good care of yourself every day. You can do some basic things that can increase your attractiveness like showering yourself, brushing your teeth, wearing clean cloth.
  • Put something red: Some of the men love women wearing red. So, be desirable by wearing red either dress or red lipstick.
  • Put on a pair of high heels: Women wearing high heels attracts to men. So, save it for some of the special occasion.

Using Body Language and Flirting:

Body language plays a vital role in making anyone yours fans.

  • Make eye contact and smile: Eye contact is a powerful weapon to show a guy that you are interested in him and smiling put and advantage in it and shows that you are happy and approachable. Who won’t be crazy with these things?
  • Try mirroring a guy while talking to him: Try mirroring the guy with whom you are with. If he gives a small smile and leans on his elbow just try to do same. This will make him think that you are interested in him.
  • Strike up a conversation: If you are interested in someone, go and talk to him and look for his reaction. If he gives a smile and good response then, he is interested in talking to you, if not move to someone else.
  • Be a good listener: It also helps you to be more demanding and desirable.

Cultivating Mystery:

Put some mystery in you doing the following:

  • Keep something to yourself: Don’t reveal your every information to the guy. Keep something with you and try to tell about your moments of life in a thrilling way.
  • Be Unavailable: Make yourself scarce to the guys. Don’t be easily available. Make them wait sometimes for you.
  • Reign your emotions: Control on yourself and your emotions. Don’t get excited if any guys ask you for a date rather be patient and reply him with some smile and showing as if you are very busy.


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